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GraphHopper Routing Engine 5.0 Released

We just released the next version of GraphHopper, the flexible and fast open source routing engine for OpenStreetMap written in Java. Let’s see what’s included in this update: Improved OSM Import We revised GraphHopper’s data import process for OSM data. It is now a lot more flexible and we can better deal with node tags […]

GraphHopper is Again Gold Corporate Member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation

Almost exactly 10 years ago we released a first version of our open source project GraphHopper. 6 years ago we founded the company GraphHopper. Both would not have been possible without OpenStreetMap. To give back a little bit we are again Gold Corporate Member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation and offer our routing service for free […]

New API dashboard

We have polished the dashboard for our Directions API. Especially the usage statistics are much prettier now. You can now view the credit usage per API key very nicely in a bar chart or just download it completely. Have fun analyzing your usage statistics! Your GraphHopper Team

New and Customizable Routing Profiles

For a long time, our GraphHopper Directions API offered routing profiles for different modes of travel like driving by car, bike, different sizes of trucks, or pedestrian walking. We gradually improved these profiles over the years, so they work quite well for many standard use cases. However, many of our customers also like to go […]

GraphHopper Routing Engine 4.0 Released

We just released a new version of our open source routing engine and server for OpenStreetMap (OSM). You don’t know what a routing engine for OpenStreetMap is? Well, OpenStreetMap is a free digital map of the entire world and with a routing engine like GraphHopper you can make use of this data to find the […]