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Companies using our open source software:

Optimization Engine jsprit

jsprit is a Java based toolkit for solving rich traveling salesman (TSP) and vehicle routing problems (VRP). It is lightweight, flexible and easy-to-use, and based on a single all-purpose meta-heuristic.

GraphHopper Routing Engine

The GraphHopper routing engine is a fast and memory efficient Java road routing engine and runs server side, offline on Android and iOS. It uses OpenStreetMap data but can import other data sources.

Comparison to the GraphHopper Directions API

  Open Source GraphHopper Directions API
Routing API true true
Route Optimization API false true
Map Matching API true true
Matrix API false true
Isochrone API true true
Geocoding API true true
Frequent Updates false true
Hosted world wide data false true
Support and SLA false true

See this overview image for a detailed comparison or for details regarding the differences of the Routing API vs. the open source routing engine, please see this Stackoverflow answer from January 2018.