Last modified: Jan 17, 2023

The GraphHopper GmbH is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We do not collect, store, or share any personally identifiable user data, except what you voluntarily give to us via email, up on registration or other direct contact from you. We do not sell or rent this information to anyone.

1. GraphHopper Website and Documentation

For web analytics we use Matomo (piwik) where we do not store the full IP address but only 2 bytes like, as well as information like your internet domain, the date and time of your visit, and the pages you access on This information is collected solely for diagnostic and analytic purposes. We do not share any identifiable information about this information at any time, unless required by law.

If you contact us via our contact form or use our FAQ, the data is stored in freshdesk.

If you contact us via email, the emails are stored at our email-provider DomainFactory.

GraphHopper Maps

GraphHopper Maps is part of the GraphHopper website and so the same policy applies. Additionally, we use the default map provider Omniscale where the request is processed to provide us with map tiles.


We use cookies information to
(i) simplify browsing our website so you do not need to re-enter user data during your visit or in subsequent visits;
(ii) maintain sessions for authenticated users; and
(iii) monitor aggregate metrics such as total number of visitors and pages viewed.

Please note that different process is used for the GraphHopper Directions API and e.g. no cookies are stored when e.g. a routing request is received.

2. GraphHopper Directions API

We process the API requests on our servers from Hetzner hosted in Germany and have signed an agreement with them. Every API request is stored. We save the associated information (request body and headers, IP, time) for a maximum of 5 weeks. We use this to identify misusage of API tokens and to improve performance, quality and usability of our API. Our customers have the choice to use a proxy to enhance the privacy of their users.

When the customer uses our Geocoding API there are different geocoding providers. If “opencagedata” or “nominatim” is selected, requests go to OpenCageData. If “gisgraphy” is selected, requests go to Gisgraphy. If “nettoolkit” is selected, requests go to NetToolKit.

Passwords are stored encrypted and we take precautions to protect your information. When you exchange information via our Services, your information is protected online (via HTTPS, PFS and similar techniques) as well as offline due to modern and secure datacenters.

When customers sign up at our dashboard we collect personal information such as name, email, registration IP, time and company name. The purpose is to send technical emails, support contact, privacy or term changes, newsletter (only if agreed), the obligation to prove the business nature of the registration request and to reduce likelihood of misusage of credit card information at a later stage. To avoid newsletter emails, you can unsubscribe via a link provided at the end of every newsletter. If you want your account to be removed entirely, send us a message via the dashboard.

Customers can request their personal information as well as the deletion of these information via dashboard message or email. Personal information like email can be changed in the dashboard or requested via the dashboard.

Payment providers can store additional information such as address and credit card number. This information is used solely for billing purposes and to fulfill customer orders. It is collected, processed, and held in a secure environment that only authorized persons can access. Credit card information is not stored at all and only processed via our payment provider. We use the subscription provider billwerk (monthly recurring invoices), one of the payment provider Stripe or Unzer and the payment networks Visa, Mastercard and American Express depending on the type of credit card.

For invoice processing and accouting we collaborate with R/F/E and Buchhaltungsbutler. Billwerk uses Mailjet to send invoices.

The GraphHopper API documentation is hosted by redocly.