About us

The GraphHopper Directions API originally launched in 2014. Two years later, we founded the GraphHopper GmbH in Munich, Germany and a few months later, added offices in Berlin and Hoyerswerda. We are a company with organic growth; in this way, we remain an independent software provider with the focus on customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to build the routing software stack of the future–lots of open source software and utilizing open data, like OpenStreetMap. The team works remotely, without overwork. Our work ethic, independence, and popular open source projects make us an attractive employer.

Peter Karich
Founder & Routing
Stefan Schröder
Founder & Optimization
Dr.-Ing. Michael Zilske
Founder & Routing
Dr. Andreas Barth
Rok Carl
SRE (Freelancer)
Robin Boldt
Routing (Freelancer)

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