GraphHopper Directions API

With the GraphHopper Directions API you can integrate A-to-B route planning, turn-by-turn navigation, route optimization, isochrone calculations, and more in your application. The GraphHopper Directions application programming interface (API) connects your application with our algorithms.

Routing and Navigation

To get from location A to location B, you can add our Routing. You will be provided with travel times, distances, turn instructions and the route geometries based on your travel profile, which you can display on any map you like. Additionally, we provide an open source example to integrate turn-by-turn navigation in your Android app. We don’t offer a map tiles API, but we can recommend Thunderforest or MapTiler. Try GraphHopper Maps online.

Route Optimization

If you know the travelling salesman problem, then you already know a small subset of problems that can be solved with our route optimization software. If you need to route a fleet of vehicles (or workers) to deliver items or services to your customers, try integrating our route optimization into your application. It assigns routes to vehicles so that total transportation costs are minimized, and it can consider an arbitrary number of business-specific side constraints like time windows, driver skills, vehicle capacities and more. Try our API explorer online: select the Route Optimization API and the first example.


Every location-based application requires address and POI search. This is where our Geocoding solution comes into play. Get an address for your current geolocation or get a coordinate for an address, called “reverse geocoding”. We also support external geocoding services that complement the quality of our default solution.

Time-dependent Route Optimization

Increase your customer satisfaction with our time-dependent route optimization. It takes travel time variations of peak hours and off-hours into account. It also considers detailed historical traffic information from TomTom© within the optimization. For each road and time of day, we take travel time data aggregated from millions of anonymously-collected data points. This enables us to predict travel times much more precisely, yielding more realistic and cost effective vehicle route plans.

Advanced routing tools like the Matrix API

There are yet more tools that might be helpful for you, such as:

Cluster Calculation – separates your submitted locations into defined groups. Read more about it here.

Map Matching – converts your GPS tracks to street-align routes.

Matrix Calculations – provides you with very fast time and distance matrices.

Isochrone Calculation – provides you with the area that can be reached from a specific location in a given time frame, based on the method of travel (for example, how far you can travel on a bike in 30 minutes)

The GraphHopper Directions API