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Turn Restriction Support for GraphHopper’s Directions API

Today we are proud to announce another big improvement of GraphHopper’s Directions API: We’ve added turn restriction support to our routing solutions! Turn costs and turn restrictions, defined The time it takes to go from one place to another depends on how far we need to go (distance), and how fast we travel that distance […]

Examples For Customizable Routing

In this blog post we’ll describe how custom profiles can be used and include real world examples. How to You can try the examples on GraphHopper Maps. Please note that currently only for car, small_truck, scooter, bike and foot the custom routing support is deployed. To customize a request you click on the “custom” icon. […]

GraphHopper Routing Engine 1.0 Released

Today, after more than 8 years of work, we are releasing version 1.0 of the open source GraphHopper routing engine. GraphHopper calculates optimal routes in road networks (for example taken from OpenStreetMap) for many different vehicle types and finds the ideal itinerary when using public transit. It is released under the Apache License 2.0 and […]

Get Started With Customizable Routing

The upcoming version 1.0 of the GraphHopper routing engine has a new customizable routing feature. Disclaimer: We updated the format for custom models. See the updated blog post with several examples. To install GraphHopper with this feature on your own server download the JDK, the routing server, the configuration file and the OpenStreetMap data: Now […]

Experiments with GraalVM native images (2/2)

The previous blog post was about the “normal way” of using GraalVM native images. In this blog post I use it to run Java code on Android without the usual limitations of “Android Java”. I.e. the Java code can be JDK 11 and include arbitrary libraries which is usually not possible when using Dalvik or […]