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Our New API Explorer

Exciting news! Our new API Explorer is now available, and we can’t wait for you to try it out here: One of the unique features of our API Explorer is the map at the center of it all. With this feature, you can easily visualize the API response of your requests on a map. […]

Gold Corporate Member

We’re proud to announce that we’ve once again become a Gold Corporate Member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation! OpenStreetMap is a global, open-source mapping project that allows anyone to contribute and use free geographic data. As a Gold Corporate Member, we’re supporting their mission to create a free and open map of the world. We believe […]

Preview: API editor

Here is a little preview of our latest development, our API editor. It’s not just an ordinary tool to examine API requests & responses in a JSON editor. Our API editor comes with a unique feature that will make your development process a lot more fun: a map at the center of it all! With […]

API documentation upgrade

We have now made our API documentation even more user-friendly. First, we’ve improved our search and second, you can now request our API directly from the documentation with an integrated API client. Search:There is now a nice search that is marked with a magnifying glass. If you click on this magnifying glass, a search window […]

GraphHopper is Again Gold Corporate Member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation

Almost exactly 10 years ago we released a first version of our open source project GraphHopper. 6 years ago we founded the company GraphHopper. Both would not have been possible without OpenStreetMap. To give back a little bit we are again Gold Corporate Member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation and offer our routing service for free […]