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The New GraphHopper Maps

When I started working on the open source GraphHopper routing engine ten years ago, I created a simple visualization for the routes and various algorithms with Swing (Java). But I wanted to show the full potential of GraphHopper to a wider audience, so I hacked together a GraphHopper Maps demo in JavaScript (using jQuery) to […]

GraphHopper Routing Engine 6.0 Released

We have released the next version of GraphHopper, the flexible and fast open source routing engine for OpenStreetMap. Read more about it on GitHub and read on to find out what’s new. Faster Route Calculation The route calculation for the flexible mode got up to 30% faster! Great rework from @easbar (#2571 and #2600). And […]

Host Your Own Worldwide Route Calculator With GraphHopper

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a free digital map of the world that is created and maintained by millions of users. Among many other things it includes detailed information about every possible type of road, ranging from narrow hiking trails in the mountains to the biggest motorways. Using the open source GraphHopper routing engine you can easily […]

Scaling Governors Can Have Bugs

All started on 27th April when my colleague Andi found a tweak that would make requests towards our Matrix API a little bit faster for matrices with only a few dozens of locations. He just had to find the specific number of locations when it made sense to use it in production. But something was […]

New and Customizable Routing Profiles

For a long time, our GraphHopper Directions API offered routing profiles for different modes of travel like driving by car, bike, different sizes of trucks, or pedestrian walking. We gradually improved these profiles over the years, so they work quite well for many standard use cases. However, many of our customers also like to go […]

GraphHopper Routing Engine 3.0 Released

Today we are happy to announce the new release of our open source routing engine. It is again packed with new features, bug fixes and nice improvements. This time we put our main focus on the custom routing feature that we already included in version 1.0 about a year ago. With the GraphHopper engine you […]