November News from GraphHopper

In the last few months, we have been working on a really exciting and long-desired feature: time-dependent route optimization. Our current approach uses constant travel time estimates within a day. Therefore, the solutions for vehicle routing problems are independent of time.

Obviously travel times vary significantly throughout the day. Our new time-dependent Route Optimization API takes this into account. It considers detailed historical traffic information from TomTom within the optimization. For each road and time of day we are provided with travel time data aggregated from millions of anonymously-collected data points. In this way we are able to predict travel times much more precise which in turn yields more realistic and cost effective vehicle route plans. In this blog post, we illustrate the impacts of considering traffic within the optimization.

If you want to convince yourself please contact us to active this for your account. We recently started the public beta phase.

In other blog posts, we recently explained the differences between routing and route optimization, as well as provided technical insights into how our flexible routing mode of the Routing API got at least 15 times faster.

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