Route Optimization API

Visiting every pub in Dublin

In our last blog post we elaborated the problem of finding a route through Dublin without passing by any Pub. Rory gave us the idea for this, and now again, pointed us to an article reporting that recently there was a Japanese man trying to visit each and every pub to drink a pint of […]

How does GraphHopper send out traveling salesmen?

The traveling salesman problem is the problem of finding the shortest possible route through a given set of locations whereby each loaction must only be visited once and the traveling saleman must return to its start location. A very good introduction into traveling salesman problems has been done by William Cook. It is fun to […]

GraphHopper Route Optimization API goes Beta

Since several months we’ve been working on the Route Optimization API – a new part of the GraphHopper Directions API. And today it goes into beta status, i.e. we trust the software and our architecture enough that it can be used in production. Although it is used in production already we allowed us to change […]