GraphHopper Maps Route Planner

The free route planner for your next trip or outdoor adventure. Including many routing profiles like biking, walking, car, truck & more based on OpenStreetMap.

It supports alternative route suggestions and many different map backgrounds. GraphHopper Maps is tuned towards fast and compact response times making it a viable option even for bad network.

It is open source and so you can host it on your own servers or use our privacy-friendly GraphHopper Directions API as a back end.

Show all the details of your route

At the bottom right you can see many different details about your route. Select e.g. surface to see the surface details and other details like road class, toll, country are available.

Many Stops

Plan your detailed biking or hiking tour with lots of locations. Right click the map to add via points or add more locations in the sidebar.


With a powerful custom model () you can exclude motorways, prefer hiking routes and much more. After the route planning you can download the GPX or just copy the URL to share the route with your family, friends or for mobile usage. Try it out with this with this URL.

For Smartphones and Tablets

GraphHopper Maps works on all major mobile browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. We have fine-tuned the user experience so that you can plan your routes on the go. And if you need to view or use the route elsewhere you can just download the GPX.

For mobile usage you can even handle dozens of locations in a route and re-order them as you like. Click on the colored pin of the location you want to move and then move it to a different place in the route ().