December News From GraphHopper

Thanks to all our customers and users who challenge us daily to make our services and open source projects better. Just take a look at our newsletters and see what we have achieved in just one year. I’m really proud to be part of the GraphHopper team and that we have created an independent company with solid services and a lot of open source software over the last years.

In the last quarter we continued to improve the GraphHopper Directions API:

We added a new provider NetToolKit to our Geocoding API. All customers operating in the US will benefit from this alternative as it provides rooftop geocoding for most of the US.

We improved the Isochrone API quality which should be noticeable for several edge cases.

We released version 0.13 of our open source routing engine and 1.0 will follow next year.

Happy Routing and some nice holidays!
With kind regards from Peter on behalf of the GraphHopper Team