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Directions API

Today we are proud to release our Map Matching API as part of our Directions API. It is a web service based on one of our open source components. You can use it to snap measured GPS points to a digital road network to e.g. clean data or attach certain data to it like turn […]

Introduction In this tutorial we are going to show you how to model a vehicle routing problem with vehicles that can have multiple return trips to the depot. For example, let us assume you have 2 drivers that have a car much like the one on the figure below. It has an electric motor so […]

Every optimization requires an objective ie. a goal to which the results should be optimize for. Here, we want to illustrate the differences between two objectives: min transport time and min completion time. Using the GraphHopper Directions API the specification of these goals is as simple and intuitive as the following json snippets: or Transport […]

The GraphHopper Directions API is continually improved and we’ll keep you up to date with the newsletter, today the first time publicly available as blog post. We added more features to the Route Optimization API Often there are more customers than the available vehicle fleet can serve. In this case, you can now assign priorities […]

Introduction In this tutorial we are going to show you how to model a vehicle routing problem where tasks do not only have multiple dependencies, but also require special skills. For example, let us assume we have two technicians called Peter and Stefan. Peter cannot only read the warm water meter, but he can also […]

Introduction In this tutorial we are going to show you how to model a traveling salesman problem with a week-planning horizon. For example, let us assume you have ONE worker that needs to visit 25 customers in the course of the next week. Let us also assume that the worker has specific daily working hours […]

Visiting every pub in Dublin

In our last blog post we elaborated the problem of finding a route through Dublin without passing by any Pub. Rory gave us the idea for this, and now again, pointed us to an article reporting that recently there was a Japanese man trying to visit each and every pub to drink a pint of […]

The traveling salesman problem is the problem of finding the shortest possible route through a given set of locations whereby each loaction must only be visited once and the traveling saleman must return to its start location. A very good introduction into traveling salesman problems has been done by William Cook. It is fun to […]