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GraphHopper won a price from founder challenge ‘IKT INNOVATIV’

English version below Heute haben wir, Stefan Schröder and Peter Karich, einen der 5 Hauptpreise des Gründerwettbewerbs IKT Innovativ gewonnen der auf der IFA verliehen wurde. Über 200 Ideenskizzen wurden eingereicht und wir sind hoch erfreut, dass die Jury sich u.a. auch für uns entschieden hat. In der Presse wurde darüber wie folgt berichtet: Offizielle […]

Analysis of unexpected GraphHopper Directions API downtime

Today we had a downtime from 10:30 to 11:15 due to database issues, which was caused by wrong file access properties applied at the wrong directory. We apologize for this! Reason Such access limitations are normally not a big issue as our API can still work with a read only database and access can be […]

Releasing GraphHopper 0.5

Today we are proud to release version 0.5 of our open source road routing engine GraphHopper. Try it out on GraphHopper Maps: We’ve improved the GraphHopper core and the GraphHopper Directions API which now includes route optimization. Download now via maven snippet or zip package. A big thanks for this 0.5 release goes again to […]

GraphHopper’s new Route Optimization Editor

Update: See the API Explorer that replaces this editor. We recently made a few improvements to the GraphHopper Directions API directly visible to our users. That is firstly a simple UI for statistics of your credit usage and, secondly, a new route optimization editor, which lets you define vehicles, vehicle types and services as well […]

Simple Route Optimization integrated in the GraphHopper Routing API

Since several months we’ve been working on our new Route Optimization API, which is a powerful API for your problems in logistics and similar areas. It includes time windows, capacity restrictions and much more features. It’ll be announced soon on its own! Last week we had an idea: we wanted to make the integration of […]

Map Matching use cases, or why an Open Source and Open Data alternative is superior to the Google Maps Roads API

A map matching software makes your recorded GPS points ‘snap’ to some digital road network. E.g. the open source map matching component from GraphHopper is a highly customizable solution also available as SaaS. The following picture illustrates this map matching process from recorded data (blue) to matching data (green): But why is this ‘snap to […]