GraphHopper’s new Route Optimization Editor

Update: See the API Explorer that replaces this editor.

We recently made a few improvements to the GraphHopper Directions API directly visible to our users. That is firstly a simple UI for statistics of your credit usage and, secondly, a new route optimization editor, which lets you define vehicles, vehicle types and services as well as shipments in JSON and review the response directly on a map:


On the left side you can specify your input JSON. The great thing is that the editor checks the syntax on the fly and provides instant feedback if you miss a bracket etc. On the right side you get all the necessary information about your solution. You can either view it on a map or you can view it as plain json output.


Additionally, you can view the routes found in the solution as tables. The ‘table’ view on the left side lets you see a summary of the taken routes with more detailed information, and hovering over a specific stop (here 8) will highlight it on the map as well as its associated route in orange. And if you click on one of the location markers you’ll see a pop-up with the details:


So this goes far beyond the normal live API and we hope you see as much value in it for your development as we see for our debugging :).

Furthermore we are constantly improving our API for you to satisfy your requirements. For example although we can integrate traffic information we cannot do so for world wide yet due to the lack of data. Therefore, we needed a simple way for our customers to tune the speed factor to the traffic they face in real world. This is now available via the speed_factor in a vehicle type definition. Find out more about this via our documentation and directly at!