GraphHopper and jsprit join forces

We are happy to announce that Stefan from jsprit will join forces with GraphHopper and together we’ll not only create a flexible and fast routing engine with optimization features in our Directions API but also push forward the business with GraphHopper in general – stay tuned 🙂 !

Open Source Projects

What does this mean for the open source projects? jsprit and the GraphHopper core will stay separate, well supported open source projects, and nothing will change towards the community or our commitment.

GraphHopper Directions API

Since several months we have worked together to create a new and easy way to solve route optimization and traveling salesman problems which led to several improvements on both open source projects already.

Additionally, we jointly developed our new Route Optimization API and a simple way to solve traveling salesman problems via our Routing API. The latest work is a simple route editor which makes creating and debugging requests against the route optimization API a lot easier and intuitive, and thus it makes a whole lot of fun to play with our Optimization API. Read more about it here.