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Elevation data and OpenStreetMap

Handling elevation data and combine it with OpenStreetMap can be a pain. And indeed it was when we implemented this for GraphHopper roughly one year ago. But we really wanted to make it easy for our users. And it is very easy – you just need to set: in the and GraphHopper will include […]

See how Falk, Ride with GPS and Volo benefit from using GraphHopper

There are several users of GraphHopper. We have an already long but incomplete list including ‘older’ applications like Komoot or GPies. In the last months we have added some more – namely that are (Falk), Ride with GPS and Volo. Quoting Sander van Tulden from“We love Graphhopper 🙂 We use it in […]

GraphHopper release mentioned at heise online

The German news website heise online reported last week about the release of GraphHopper 0.4: Quelloffener Routenplaner GraphHopper in Version 0.4 erschienen Here is the, semi optimal ;), auto-translated text into English. Read here our official announcement.

Integrate traffic data into your route planner

Update: there is a new blog post which shows integration of real time traffic info into GraphHopper from a real world example, including a simple UI based on HTML5 canvas. There are several companies having its own traffic data e.g. those companies having an own fleet or fetching it from an external source. Often on […]