February News From GraphHopper

We simplified our pricing page and our pricing: all subscriptions can be paid monthly or once a year. If you choose to pay for the whole year then you get more than 2 months for free – 20% discount! Furthermore, you do not need to attribute GraphHopper, but if you do, you can get another 20% discount. If you apply for both discounts, the price for the standard subscription is even 9% lower than before.

Additionally, we further improved our time dependent route optimization. You can now use time-dependent profiles (e.g. car) and time-independent vehicles like bike or our new scooter profile scooter image at the same time. This feature can be enabled for all paid subscriptions at no additional charge until the end of April.

There are also news about our Geocoding API. The reverse geocoding is now several times faster and even better suited for GPS tracking applications.

Happy Routing!
Your GraphHopper Team