GraphHopper Routing Engine 0.10 Released

We have released 0.10.0 of our open source routing engine. See the discussion about it in our forum.

Show all different average_speed values along the route

We have lots of stuff included: over 60 merged PRs! And this version is already running behind the GraphHopper Directions API. The most notable new features are

  • path details with several follow up PRs
  • partial support for real time data for public transit and many more improvements for pt
  • incredible speed up of CH
  • elevation support now also for northern Europe, multi elevation data possibility and elevation smoothing is implemented
  • an important UI bug fix
  • updated java client for the web API
  • update VTM version for Android demo
  • build with checkstyle, findbugs and policeman tool
  • many other bug fixes and improvements …

Thanks a lot to all contributors:

michaz, boldtrn, Nakaner, ammagamma, kaiCu, legraina, ChristophKaser, oschlueter, akadeev and mlarue!

We are busily preparing the next release:

  • We have improved our release management and now it is finally easy to release a new version to maven central just via tagging a commit
  • We will move to dropwizard as the underlying framework. Performance in theory in praxis are the same as the same jetty is used under the hood. This means we will finally drop support for app container based deployment, which was possible before but not really supported and recommended.
  • We open sourced our Isochrone API and working with the community to get it merged

How far can you get within 10 or 20 minutes of driving?

Happy routing!

… and checkout our other open source projects!