June News from GraphHopper

New Features

The Route Optimization API now allows to specify a preparation time and returns the reason for unassigned services or shipments.

The Routing API offers a faster flexible routing mode, and the alternative route search and routing with turn costs will be faster too. Finally has a car routing option with GraphHopper. Furthermore you can now block roads or areas via the new ‘block_area’ parameter.

The Isochrone API has a new parameter ‘distance_limit’ that allows splitting the reachable areas by distance not just by time.

Car routing from GraphHopper at

Updated Features

Cost matrices can now be embedded directly in a Route Optimization request to allow warehouse route optimization as well as traffic aware route optimization with a distance matrix from other map service providers.

We further improved the ETA values for all routing related APIs like the Matrix and Route Optimization API to provide much more realistic values at global scale.

Previously our automatically created API clients only supported the Route Optimization API. Now we support the Routing API, the Matrix API, the Geocoding API and the Isochrone API as well. Please find the API clients for the programming language of your choice here.

Partner for Motorcycle Routing

The motorcycle routing from has received much attention and kudos, see also rave reviews. We are proud to announce a partnership with Kurviger and offer their Routing API as part of our Directions API.

Deprecation & Removal

On 31. August we’ll remove the vehicle profiles ‘bus’ and our ‘motorcycle’ from all APIs. When you plan to use the Routing API with the motorcycle profile we can offer a simple migration path via our partner from Please make sure you switch to an appropriate alternative before this date and let us know about any problems. All affected customers were already notified.


You can now ask Alexa about a route through GraphHopper. Currently this is only available in German language.

Open Source

Not only our API clients are open source under the Apache license but also (most of) our server side code is open source, and we invest heavily in them, read more about it here and join our community.

We released jsprit 1.7.2 – our open source toolkit for solving rich vehicle routing problems.

We released the new version 0.9 of our open source routing engine. We are happy that the routing engine now supports public transit too. It will be part of our Directions API soon.

Looking for GraphHopper Experts

We are looking for experts that would help our customers.

Happy Routing!