Roads To Rome from Moovel Lab

Benedikt, Philipp and Raphael from Moovel Lab, a subsidiary from Daimler, asked the question “Do all roads really lead to rome” and got astonishing and beautiful results! See the “roads to rome” web site for more details and background information like that they used GraphHopper for the routing. See also the media coverage: & […]

Publess routes through Dublin? GraphHopper edition.

A long time ago there was a nice blog post How to walk across Dublin without passing a pub from Rory and there was even someone who tried this in real life. Now we thought how this would look like today using GraphHopper instead of the manual process described in the post. It turns out […]

Motorcycle, Mountain Bike and more on GraphHopper Maps

From now on our route planner GraphHopper Maps allows not only foot, car and bike routing, we’ve also added motorcycle, mountain bike and racing bike: This means all other applications using our Directions API are now able to use more vehicle types as well and offer their users a more specific routing experience and a […]

GraphHopper and jsprit join forces

We are happy to announce that Stefan from jsprit will join forces with GraphHopper and together we’ll not only create a flexible and fast routing engine with optimization features in our Directions API but also push forward the business with GraphHopper in general – stay tuned 🙂 ! Open Source Projects What does this mean […]

GraphHopper won a price from founder challenge ‘IKT INNOVATIV’

English version below Heute haben wir, Stefan Schröder and Peter Karich, einen der 5 Hauptpreise des Gründerwettbewerbs IKT Innovativ gewonnen der auf der IFA verliehen wurde. Ãœber 200 Ideenskizzen wurden eingereicht und wir sind hoch erfreut, dass die Jury sich u.a. auch für uns entschieden hat. In der Presse wurde darüber wie folgt berichtet: Offizielle […]

Analysis of unexpected GraphHopper Directions API downtime

Today we had a downtime from 10:30 to 11:15 due to database issues, which was caused by wrong file access properties applied at the wrong directory. We apologize for this! Reason Such access limitations are normally not a big issue as our API can still work with a read only database and access can be […]