See how Falk, Ride with GPS and Volo benefit from using GraphHopper

There are several users of GraphHopper. We have an already long but incomplete list including ‘older’ applications like Komoot or GPies. In the last months we have added some more – namely that are (Falk), Ride with GPS and Volo. screenshot

Falk created a route planner based on GraphHopper

Quoting Sander van Tulden from“We love Graphhopper 🙂 We use it in our online platform where we serve free routes for recreational customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We tried a lot of existing OSM solutions but Graphhopper fitted our needs best.”

Ride with GPS


Ride with GPS a route planner dedicated for cyclists

From the founder, Cullen King: “We are very happy with the pace of development of the GraphHopper project, which sees improvements on a weekly basis. We currently self host Graph Hopper along with the rest of our OSM map stack, and are 100% satisfied with the rock solid performance of the routing servers. We have no doubts that it will continue to scale to meet the needs of our fast growing business.”


Volo restaurant delivery service

Volo a restaurant delivery service

Volo was recently acquired from Rocket Internet which was written about on Gründerszene [DE] and TC. Volo uses GraphHopper for its underlying tour optimization algorithm.

Let us know if you have more interesting use cases of GraphHopper!