Path Details Updates

The Routing API has supported path details for 2 years, but had some limitations. E.g. the details like cycleway, or bridleway where missing, which is now returned instead of a generic “other” value. Also path details are now supported for the TomTom add-on.



If you want to see this feature in action on GraphHopper Maps you currently have to add two parameters to the URL:
If you add multiple details like
you can switch them in the elevation widget in the bottom right corner:

Elevation interpolation

If you include elevation in your response you might have noticed that this is wrong for tunnels: elevation should not be picked from the hill and instead should be interpolated from the start and end elevation. Years ago we got a nice contribution fixing this issue but it wasn’t easily possible to bring this into production due to some limitations and much bigger memory requirements. After a heavy refactoring we were now able to bring this into production. Enjoy also more precise distance and ETA values in mountained area.


Afterwards. The interpolation does not only improve the ascent (142m vs. 1395m before) and descent (295m vs. 1548m before) but the distance is slightly improved (430m shorter):

Happy Routing!

Your GraphHopper Team