September News From GraphHopper

We heavily worked during the hot summer to improve our services for you.

The Map Matching API got faster – try it on the example website. If you do not know yet what this API is about and why fleet owners can benefit from it, read more in its documentation.

The Route Optimization API got significantly faster for large shipment-based problems (>> 100 shipments). Furthermore, the API supports street snapping to better control the assignment of geo-locations to network links at the level of the vehicle routing problem. Additionally, we added another way to balance load among vehicle, i.e. balance the number of activities to achieve a more evenly distribution of work load.

We made some experiments with our Isochrone API – read more about it here.

Based on the Isochrone module interesting visualizations are possible

Recently, we changed the credit cost of our Geocoding API and within the same daily limit you can now send more requests.

Furthermore, we released a new version 0.11 of our open source routing engine that we base our commercial products on.

Happy Routing!