Help using the GraphHopper Directions API

The founder Klaus of GPSies contacted me nearly 2 years ago when GraphHopper was still in its infancy. GPSies was using Google Maps in its path planning tool and as they are free to use and want to keep it they did not want to buy into the business version of Google Maps so they were seeking for alternatives. At that time GraphHopper was already fast but could not scale to world wide coverage and Klaus provided the necessary hardware to me for experimentation. After a few months of tweaking and further months of testing and minor bug fixing we were able together to replace Google Maps API with a self-hosted GraphHopper on a GPSies server.

Also other customer often requested a hosted version of GraphHopper and so the idea of the GraphHopper Directions API for business was born with several benefits over existing routing APIs like basing it on OpenStreetMap data, high privacy standards, a permissive usage policy and world wide coverage even for bike routing.

Today we proudly announce that GPSies switched to this architecture making routing for GPSies more efficient and more up-to-date and still keep the costs low. Especially the daily OpenStreetMap data updates and regular software updates will make GPSies keep on growing!