GraphHopper Directions API Going Private Beta

Update: our Directions API is public beta now.

Today we are proud to announce that our Directions API goes into private beta. Contact us and take part to get an API key and try our latest features.

The GraphHopper Directions API includes

  • The Routing API, a fast web service to calculate world wide routes for walking, biking and car.
  • The Matrix API, based on the Routing API you can calculate so called distance matrices more efficient.
  • The Geocoding API, a world wide address search. Still under heavy development and not yet production grade although with good results in several European countries.
  • Daily OpenStreetMap updates
  • A mature service based on the open source routing engine GraphHopper. Read more about GraphHopper at

See the Routing and Geocoding API in action at GraphHopper Maps!