Graphhopper Directions API News October

A long silence for a young company can mean many different things. In our case it only means that we further concentrate on making our products better! We are very happy to improve the GraphHopper Directions API every week and keep you up to date with this newsletter.

We improved the Route Optimization API in various ways:

We released version 0.8 of our open source routing engine coming now with 39 translations, which are directly available in the Routing API.

A new Map Matching API was released which does an automated ‘snap to road’ useful to improve recorded GPS traces:

Map Matching API Demo
A lot more is happening in the GraphHopper space: we had our first, very own GraphHopper meeting, spoke at IAA, FOSSGIS, … and reached a new star record for our open source projects (sum is over 1400!).
You can now follow us not only on Twitter but also on LinkedIn and Facebook. Or visit us at WhereCamp Berlin or at Startup-DemoNight in Munich in real life.
Over the last months we were very happy to welcome dozens of new customers, bigger and smaller – hello again 🙂 !

If you have questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us!

Happy Routing!
Your GraphHopper Team