GraphHopper Routing Engine 0.7 Released

Today we are happy to announce the new release of our open source road routing engine GraphHopper 0.7. It includes many improvements as well as a new round trip calculation for the flexibility mode.


A big thanks for this release goes to all of our contributors and translators! To become a contributor see our contributing guidelines and e.g. the good first issues. Read here to see how to become a sponsor and how to benefit from our expertise or donate us.

Thanks a lot to all contributors and translators!

Here are the highlights for GraphHopper 0.7:

  • moving from Java 5 to Java 7 for the core and Java 8 for the web modules.
  • a new Croatian translation contributed from Ivan, this is language number 37!
  • round trip calculation from boldtrn
  • speed up mode (Contraction Hierarchies) can be disabled per request making several flexibility mode features available like alternative routes, round trips, weighting changes, heading settings or even turn restrictions which required a bit of refactoring
  • adaptions for the GraphHopper iOS port from clns
  • conditional restrictions can now be used for numbers like for weight not only for dates
  • a new ‘hike’ profile which differs from ‘foot’
  • bike improvements by ratrun
  • SRTM data now fetched from to avoid timeout problems – thanks again boldtrn!
  • We use underscore notation for all properties and file names now instead of the camelCase notation which was sometimes mixed with underscore
  • Other contributions came from ammagamma, IsNull, devemux86 and fbonzon. See more bug fixes and pull requests and the changelog

The next release 0.8 will focus on more flexibility. Furthermore we would like to use the chance and point to the new work of our map matching component, which is now based on a more precise algorithm and often results in better matchings. It includes work from Michael (MATSim) and Stefan Holder (BMW Car IT). Please try it out here and give us feedback so we can include safely it in the next release or even replace the current algorithm.

As always our GraphHopper Directions API consumes these changes and makes it possible to use alternative routes, round trip calculations, heading indication, shortest path calculation and turn restrictions for the Routing API – read here for more details.

Have a nice route and discuss here.