Releasing GraphHopper 0.4 and the GraphHopper Directions API

Today we are proud to release version 0.4 of our open source road routing engine GraphHopper. Try it out on GraphHopper Maps:


We’ve taken several months for that release, but not without a reason as the GraphHopper Directions API for business was in the works and is also released today! The Directions API is a hosted GraphHopper routing service for world wide usage, including up-to-date software and OpenStreetMap data. It also offers features not found in GraphHopper like address search (aka Geocoding) and the Route Matrix API. Sign up for free and give us feedback!

A big thanks for that 0.4 release goes to all of our contributors! This release also includes features sponsored by Geofabrik and Talent Systems – thanks a lot! Read here to see how to become a sponsor or how to benefit from our GraphHopper knowledge.

Now these are the highlights of GraphHopper 0.4:

Map Matching aka ‘Snap to Road’

There is now also a map matching component based on GraphHopper and released under the Apache License 2.0. This tool can be helpful if you need to track vehicles and import their GPX tracks which is helpful to “snap them to road” like e.g. allryder is using it to optimize urban transport data or attach instructions to GPX files automatically.

Read more about it here or at wikipedia.

Now have fun with GraphHopper and expect more exciting news!