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The GraphHopper Directions API
Route Planning For Your Application


Fast & Flexible Route Optimization

You can use our Route Optimization API to solve traveling salesman or vehicle routing problems. These problems occur almost everywhere in the world of moving things and people. You add assets, time windows and other constraints and get optimized routes within seconds.


With a scalable architecture and resource-efficient routing software we are able to offer our customers a fair effort-based pricing.

Permissive Terms

Use the API for any use case including commercial usage, vehicle tracking and navigation applications. On any map you like.

Easy to integrate

The GraphHopper Directions API comes as a RESTful web service. It enables you to integrate routing into your application without any knowledge about the complex algorithms behind it.

There is no end user application, instead our customers built end user applications themselves in a wide variety of industries and countries.

World wide coverage

All our routing and geocoding services are powered by OpenStreetMap data and therefor have a world wide coverage.

For Outdoor

Our routing services come with elevation data and empower their users a more precise time and distance estimate. With many vehicle profiles like mountain biking, hiking or racing bike we can offer a powerful tool for your outdoor application.

GraphHopper Directions API

Use our routing services within minutes. No worries about uptime and very low effort to integrate this into your existing software stack. We support a wide variety of programming languages.

Our Customers

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Our Product Variants

GraphHopper Directions API
Self Hosted

Get full control of our software stack. Integrate modified vehicle profiles or satisfy strict data protection requirements. All possible if you host our Directions API on your own hardware.

GraphHopper Directions API
Open Source

The core of the GraphHopper Directions API is open source. If you need the full flexibility or want to integrate an offline route planner into your iOS or Android app, this variant is for you.

GraphHopper Directions API

We are available for you to implement and customize our open and closed source routing software.


10-11.02.2017 we hosted a hackathon at Future Mobility Days in Nuremberg.
10.11.2016 We presented us in Munich at Startup-DemoNight.
04.11.2016 We presented the GraphHopper Directions API in Berlin at WhereCamp 2016.
18.10.2016 A new GraphHopper routing engine was released
27.09.2016 We presented us at IAA – New Mobility World Lab16
16.09.2016 “GraphHopper provides Routing as a Service” press release at Directions Magazine

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General contact:
Technical support:

Office Munich: +49 89 600 337 57
Office Bayreuth: +49 921 168 190 75

Meindlstrasse 11c
81373 Munich, Germany