Route Optimization API

The Route Optimization API provides everything you need to solve a variety of vehicle routing problems, including the classical “traveling salesman problem”. It can handle vehicle routing problems complicated by your business-specific side constraints. It is incredibly fast and easy to integrate into your application.


We completed nearly 1,200 orders that day. It was a great achievement for us and a huge success overall.

Daniel Conway (CEO) from Doughbies

After over a year of usage, we are still extremely happy using the Route Optimization API. It has never failed our needs.

Patrice Pennetier from Nomad Solution

I really enjoy your service. You guys have done an amazing job as the service is very good, fairly priced and ease to use!

Manuel Maestrini from Nordsense

Optimization Goals

Choose the goal that fits your needs, whether you want to minimize the number of employed drivers, employ all drivers to balance load, or reduce the makespan (in turn, delivering more in less time).

Vehicle Profiles

From cargo bikes and scooters to large trucks – choose the vehicle type that fits your requirements. You can even place several profiles into a single problem and we will assign pickups and deliveries to those types accordingly.


Do your drivers or technicians require specific skills like “must speak English” or “able to repair washing machine” to serve your customers? No problem! Our API allows you to assign an arbitrary number of skills to your drivers.

Vehicle Types

Design your own vehicle types and model the capacity dimensions you require, such as weight, volume, number of passenger seats and/or wheelchair space.

Time Windows

Do your customers have opening or specific delivery times? No problem. You can define multiple time windows. Additionally, you can specify the amount of time the driver needs to serve customers.


Do you want to consider traffic? We optimize your vehicle routes based on historic travel time data aggregated from millions of anonymously-collected data points.

API Documentation

Get to know more and find out how the Route Optimization API can be used in detail.

API Explorer

The API Explorer comes with some basic examples where you can visualise the results directly. You can further customise the problems to see how they are solved by GraphHopper.


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