GraphHopper proves useful in a wide variety of applications accross different industries. We help you to benefit from our routing expertise and the fast GraphHopper Directions API.

Route Optimization For Bumbal

Bumbal is an easy to use transport software specialized in arranging delivery and service appointments, route planning and track & trace via a smartphone app. The route planning includes route optimization from GraphHopper. Bumbal is suitable for companies with an own fleet, specialized in products and services for which customers need to be available at home. For example furniture, white goods and assembly, repair and service visits. The software solutions are also useful as a single solution add-on for logistics service providers and can be linked to the transport management systems.

Routing For GPSies

GPSies was our very first user. We worked closely with the founder Klaus together to reach the goal and replace the Google Maps API. GPSies lets the user share and create tracks for hiking and biking and is the biggest German provider of its kind serving over 150 000 requests per day world wide. Finally GPSies moved from a self-hosted GraphHopper to our Directions API and observed that a fast routing solution does not mean cost ineffective.

Geocoding For Kurviger

Kurviger is a route planner for motorcyclists and uses the GraphHopper Geocoding API to provide its users a simple way to enter their destination. The routing engine under the hood is a customized GraphHopper instance optimized for motorcycles. The author is also a frequent contributor.

Routing For OpenStreetMap

We get a lot of value from OpenStreetMap, the data is incredible! The least we can do is to give a bit back with a free access to our Directions API. The official website OpenStreetMap.org includes GraphHopper routing.

Routing With Elevation For Bikewithme

Bikewithme is a free platform to plan, join and share bike rides. It is a non-profit initiative based on donations, aiming to become a reference platform for bikers around the world. It is currently available in two languages (English and Spanish).

Cyclists can plan bike rides using OpenStreetMap-based maps using a user interface forked from the open source GraphHopper Maps. The GraphHopper Directions API provides the route, duration, and elevation profile.